From the last few centuries, the scope of sports has been increased drastically  and a large number of people are engaged in playing sports. Playing sports offers a number of benefits both mental and physical.

The benefits of playing sports are:
1. Sports helps a person to be stress free and keeps them to be happy.
2. It is very helpful in generating positive energy in body.
3. Sporting exercise generates happiness molecules in person’s body, thus contributing best place to his/her mental well being.
4. It is helpful to reduce blood sugar.
5. By playing sports regularly, reduces the risk of depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders.
6. Reduces blood cholesterol.
7. Sports decrease the chance of hypertension and other stress related to disorders.
8. Sports provide the fantastic way to stay healthy and reduce all risks of hyper tension.
9. Person who have played sports from an early age have stronger bones, stronger muscles and overall toned body.
10. While playing sports, stretching, running and jumping are the activities done by players are helpful in maintaining weight.

11. Helps them to build stamina and muscle endurance.

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