There is lot more to fitness than you actually think.  These fun and interesting gym facts will motivate you and help you get your lazy-ass up on your feet.


  • Exercise prompts growth of new nerve cells and blood vessels.
  • Helps to improve your memory.
  • Exercise is directly linked to great sex because it improve your self esteem, confidence and overall appearance.
  • Regular exercise helps reduce stress and keeps you in a much better mood 🙂 So lift on!!
  • In spite what people say there is “no perfect time to exercise”. It turns out that the best time to exercise is when it works for you.
  • In males it helps to increase their testosterone.
  • Most muscle soreness is caused by inflammation due to muscle tearing not lactic acid.
  • Being dehydrated decreases your workout performance. Make sure to keep your body hydrated during your workout.
  • Cardio is the fastest way to burn calories and helps you reduce weight.
  • After your intense workout help your muscle recover by sleeping for at least 7 hours daily.

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