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Treamill Machines in India — December 9, 2015

Treamill Machines in India

Today’s lifestyle can be demanding, it wants you to be productive, efficient and competent. Your entire day goes on working or chasing after your dreams and as such you hardly have time left for exercise. It’s important to pursue your life goals but we cannot overlook our health. And if you are among these workaholics then we would recommend a treadmill for you.

We know it’s sounds cheesy but it’s true when people say health is wealth. At Lodhi Sports we have a variety of treadmills just for you. Treadmills are among the most effective machines which will help you reduce your weight which you have gained while at work. The best part is you need not go to gym to lose that extra weight you can do the exercise at home itself. The treadmill machines are easy to use and are highly effective. The treadmill machine can help you balance your weight, your blood pressure and thus can nullify any heart related issues.

Price of the treadmill should not be the concern for you since the machines are available online at price within your budget. You can choose from different range of shapes and sizes. You can buy treadmill online in India through our website. I’m dropping the link here for you to see and choose the machine according to your lifestyle.


5 Must-Have Home Workout Tools — September 30, 2015

5 Must-Have Home Workout Tools

People who don’t like to workout in a gym must do exercise at home, but it will be of no use if you don’t proper workout tools. Exercise and keeping a good health and hygiene has become important these days. So if you are one of them we suggest you get these tools if you want to make the best of your workout. Remember people “Health is Wealth”.

  • Resistance Bands – Perfect for beginners and advanced exercises alike. They come in different resistance levels, which are usually represented by different colors, so you can choose what you need depending on your ability and what type of moves you’re doing.
  • Yoga Mat – This is the most common exercise that people do at home.This is a must home workout. Yoga mats does not only provide comfort and support to your back and glutes but a variation of exercises can be done in ab workouts, floor exercises, and warmup stretches. Plus these rubbery, non-slip mats make it easier, safer, and more comfortable to do yoga or Pilates. Another use for a rolled-up yoga mat is as a lumbar support to lie over on the floor after a stressful day.
  • Stability Ball – Helps in developing you core and maintaining a good posture. When you sit on or lie across a stability ball, you engage all the muscles in your core to keep yourself supported. A proper fit will help you work your way to a toned body with better posture, more-defined abs, and a healthy spine with less back pain.
  • Dumbbells – Dumbbells are a great way for building muscle and and sculpting your body. Dumbbells allows you to lift heavy and strengthens your body and core.
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Working too hard or not working enough can be ineffective and leave you seeing little to no results, leaving you in a grey area where you are stuck between bulking and shredding. Using a heart rate monitor with your at-home workouts will allow you to see exactly where you are at all times. You will learn which of your workouts are high intensity, and which workouts are focused on building strength and stamina for harder moves.