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Just don’t miss — February 24, 2016

Just don’t miss


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The epicenter of Sports! — February 17, 2016

The epicenter of Sports!


You can have it all @ Lodhi Sports. We are equipped with lank test gym accessories a gym freak can think of plus we are also offering health supplements of best quality. Making us a the center of health and fitness. It’s a place where every athlete want to be. From sports to fitness you name it we have it all. So head to our website and check out our products and be amazed. You will not be disappointed we are sure of it. http://www.lodhisport.com

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Interesting gym facts :) — February 15, 2016

Interesting gym facts :)


There is lot more to fitness than you actually think.  These fun and interesting gym facts will motivate you and help you get your lazy-ass up on your feet.


  • Exercise prompts growth of new nerve cells and blood vessels.
  • Helps to improve your memory.
  • Exercise is directly linked to great sex because it improve your self esteem, confidence and overall appearance.
  • Regular exercise helps reduce stress and keeps you in a much better mood 🙂 So lift on!!
  • In spite what people say there is “no perfect time to exercise”. It turns out that the best time to exercise is when it works for you.
  • In males it helps to increase their testosterone.
  • Most muscle soreness is caused by inflammation due to muscle tearing not lactic acid.
  • Being dehydrated decreases your workout performance. Make sure to keep your body hydrated during your workout.
  • Cardio is the fastest way to burn calories and helps you reduce weight.
  • After your intense workout help your muscle recover by sleeping for at least 7 hours daily.

Hope you enjoyed these facts love to hear it from and comment if your facts if I forgot to mention above. Keep staying to our blog and as always more good stuff coming soon only @ Lodhi Sports – The Epicenter Of Sports. Check out products and merchandise @ https://www.lodhisport.com/


No title needed! — February 10, 2016
Gym etiquette every gym goer should know — February 9, 2016

Gym etiquette every gym goer should know

If you are a gym lover or new to the gym you should be aware of some gym etiquette.


Because it’s just common sense DUMB-ass. Gym is a place where you go shape out your body, you want to look good right but what’s the point of building the body if no one in the gym respects you or inspired by you. Because at the end of the day it’s still a place where you have to see a lot of people and chances are you are going to bump the same people when you head to your workout. Do you really want to upset them (especially if they are much more bigger and muscular than you!)?

So here are some tips you should keep in mind when you to the gym. Follow the instructions carefully X-(



Seriously get a room if you are going to grunt like you are having an orgasm. Keep the grunting to a minimum. It’s looks very awkward and weird.



Dude we all sweat it’s natural but wipe up the area before you went to another exercise. It is just rude nobody wants to sit on your bodily fluids. It’s gross.



Seriously? Just get on with it.



Don’t wear too much makeup if you want to look like a clown but if you are “THE JOKER” (Batman) then it’s an entirely different matter.



Don’t be a DUMB-bell.



So there you have it folks some etiquette you should follow in the gym or else go home. Seriously guys don’t be DUMB-ass with that being said enjoy your workouts and train like a BEAST!!

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Row Row Row your back… — February 3, 2016

Row Row Row your back…


Rowing machines is a fitness machine used in the gym to develop a nice thick back. Every bodybuilder has put rowing machine in their workout. If your want to develop a proper back then don’t forget to include this one in your workout regiment. We are talking about rowing machine but what is a rowing machine?

A rowing machine is exactly what it sounds like: a machine designed to mimic the workout performed when rowing a boat in the water. Many are built with a long frame that sits low to the ground, a braked flywheel mounted at the front of the frame, and a handle attached to the flywheel by a rope, handle, or a strap. The handle is pulled back toward the user’s body during the rowing movement, and a seat that slides away from and toward the flywheel allows the user to engage the lower as well as upper body during the motion of rowing.

Working out with a rowing machine is a great way to burn calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness and tone up many of your major muscles. Because rowing is low impact, it’s ideally suited for exercisers who are concerned about knee pain from activities such as running. To get the most from using a rowing machine, make sure you use good technique and a proper form.

At Lodhi Sports we have state of the art rowing machines just for you with comfort seating so you can get most of your workout.

Getting excited about the workout?? Then head to gym and try out this exercise. Train hard and train well. Good luck guys and as usual more good stuff coming soon!!

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